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Marg & Stan in 1936 in the UK. This has to be one of my favourite photos, they look so happy. It must be a week for old poems, here’s another that came out of this photo:


You stand in his folks’ yard

the ring on your finger.

He holds not your hand

but your wrist

as if you would fly away.

On Brighton Beach wind blows

his hair, yours is set.

His shirt sleeves rolled to elbows

your black woollen swimsuit

dry, your hand resting

on his chest.

His good honest chest

rises, on your tip-toes

you reach up.

* *

Your daughter’s journal

in twelve year old hand, describes

two weeks on the Pan Am flight

to a land of summer beaches and

swimming in the pacific.

Before all this

you stood by your Mama

who, heavy eyed, held baby.

Papa in the picture, was faraway at sea.

Before you left your Mama

for that young man

left her alone

like Papa at sea

alone in her dry landscape.

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Thanks to everyone for their kind words via email and comments. We found the bike with it’s training wheels all bent up but otherwise okay. The lovely community constable has taken fingerprints and has met with some local trouble making ba%^$#@ds youth to give them a telling off – he’s pretty sure of who did it and he is only 12. All’s well that ends well as they say. I’m ready for a cup of tea and a lie down but we just have to get through this weekend. Knack Market is on this Saturday 10-2 at Berhampore School then after that a friend’s 40th then on Sunday it’s Great Aunty Nora’s 97th!

More good news is I think I have a tutorial in the making!! It’s for a Japanese knot bag a I saw in Japan and then again in Melbourne. I had a good look and thought “I could do that”. Yesterday I made a calico prototype and it worked! Yay!

Here’s an old poem of mine about lost objects:


In the cold water
the ring slips
from her finger
to the sand.

A whole hole;
what is the life
of a missing

The hole slipped
down into
the rings’

There is only
so much space
under the rose bush
by the front path.

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Dear thief

To the thief who stole my daughter’s little pink bike this afternoon while we were home, Merry Christmas. Did you steal it for your own daughter or just to flog off for your P money? I’m sure just the right amount of karma will be coming your way. You must have been quick, we’d only got back from our first school visit and parked it up for an hour or so in the garden before we came back down the steps to get it. You must have been quiet when you unbolted the gate and ripped the streamers out of the handlebars. Hohoho, Merry Christmas.

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Almost ready

for the Fair this weekend. I’ve made some badges out of vintage doilies. I’ve also covered buttons with doilies, fabric and embroidered trim, I like them! Also lined up are more Meemo toys, more bags and cupboard monstas.

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Okay, so my folks never did “Hippy”, which is this weeks theme for Flashback Friday. They were pretty square – in a good way. Jazz bands, Parsons bookshop and Cafe on Willis Street, Varsity science nerds.

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The Little Gems and I had a fantastic time at the Pataka Market, thanks to all the enthusiastic craft patrons who came by! We made some new friends as well, watch this space for more news on that.

Anyway now we are all madly trying to replenish our stock for the Paekakariki Fair this Sunday Nov 25th 10-2 at the Paekakariki School. It was pumping last year and has gained a great reputation so I expect it will go off again this year.
Do come and say hi if you see us!

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Bundle of joy

Last week I was thumbing through my copy of From Thrift to Fantasy and thinking about vintage fabric workbags, thinking about how much I needed one, hurhur. Then a day or two later I heard that Melissa at Tiny Happy was going to Norway. I knew the universe was speaking to me when she posted some of her bags in her Etsy shop and this cute little fullah was begging me to take him. Not only that but my Paypal balance was burning a hole in my laptop. What’s a crafty girl to do?
Yesterday the parcel of joy arrived! But wait! Not just a bag and way better than ginzu steak knives! Sweet kind Melissa had sent me a pile from her sacred stash!

I got a bit excited and did a photoshoot here unwrapping.

Thanks so much Melissa!!!!

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Flashback Friday

Okay, I have a new obsession – flickr groups ;). Anyway this one is so sweet – posting old family photos, I’ll take any excuse to get nostalgic, lol. SO the theme this week is “Travel Bug”. The year is 1979, I’m discovering my love of, ahem, earthy tones. I got a new/old bike for my birthday and Dad said I could choose what colour he would paint it. Any colour!! I chose Sky Blue. This was the first time I thought – “of course, anything can be customised!” Ah, how the possibilities opened up in front of me. Now almost 30 years later I’m still lovin to customise and still lovin those earthy tones, well maybe not that yellow skivvy…

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Pataka Craft on Saturday

Pataka is in Porirua, 20mins north of Wellington. Come and say hi if you can make it!

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A couple of bag wips for the market on Saturday

Gotta go sew!!

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