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Home and away

Today’s Gem session was lino cut prints. I used an Art Deco rose motif for mine, Shelly; a Japanese floral motif and guest gem Kerry, a pasifica inspired motif.

Meanwhile, across the Tasman, long distance Gem Billie started work on the “Aunt Lily” project. I’m stoked!

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Had to share

Okay, I’m probably the last person on earth to come across this amazing act but hey…

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In print

I’m happy to say that I’ll have two of my poems – Spilt and Bang-bang appearing in the next issue of JAAM magazine. Thanks to the editor of this issue (26) Tim Jones, who obviously has excellent taste! It should be launched by September for those of you desperate to get a hard copy.

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How to catch a mouse

We spotted a wee brown mouse. Miss S got together everything we’ll need to get that critter!

Picture of mouse – check.

Tongs – check.

Ice cream tub filled with water – check.

Jug for water – check.

Egg slicer – check.

Funnel – check.

Not sure what we’ll do once we catch it. I’m guessing we lure the mouse over with the decoy, pick it up with the tongs, drown it in the tub while pouring extra water (water torture?) over it with the jug and funnel. Then slice it up for good measure?

PS been off sick with kids – green snot… back now.

ETA just noticed it must be arachno-mouse

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My friend Billie found this in Melbourne. We thought we’d try writing a poem or story about cousin Lily as a shared project. Who do you think she is? She looks tired or sad. Or is she just afraid of those massive plants?

She looks like she might be sitting on a suitcase. Is she arriving or departing?

I think perhaps she is leaving and is sad to say goodbye.

ETA, actually maybe she has just arrived but is locked out and her husband keeps taking photos and she is just sick of it “Harold if you take another photograph I will scream!”

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Overhaul month

I don’t know about you but since I became a parent I seem to spend lots of time looking after the family and next to no time looking after myself, so this month is a month of dentist appointments (3!), new reading glasses (1) and next week a haircut! What do you think? At the moment my hair looks a bit like option b (but grown out), shall I get the same again or try option a?

Option A

or B?

ETA is option A a bit 80s?

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