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I’ve been writing my novel and on the way procrastinating by painting the kitchen door from this

to this

Very Shakin- -Stevens aye?

I’ve also been noticing light and colour

I’ve sent off my Christmas decoration swaps ( so virtuous!) but I wont post pics until they arrive at their destinations.

The shop has been ticking over, thanks! I’ll restock next week.

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Am I getting old?

Or is this a timeless classic?

Happy Tuesday!

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Paekakariki Fair

Coming up Nov 30th.

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Etsy Shop updated today

For sale here.

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Carni time again

The carnival is up and has lots of interesting reads to see you through the weekend, so go check it out!

Helen Squared is part of the Carni too, so you have twice as much reason to look 🙂

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Read me in a book

Jaam 26 edited by Tim Jones is now out with work by ME and: Amy Brown, Anna Rugis, Barbara Strang, Barry Southam, David Gregory, Davide Trame, Elizabeth Smither, Iain Britton, Janis Freegard, Jennifer Compton, Jessica Le Bas, Jo Thorpe, John O’Connor, Kerry Popplewell, L.E. Scott, Laurice Gilbert, Mark Pirie, Janis Freegard, Mary Cresswell, Miriam Barr, Rhian Gallagher, Robery James Berry, Robin Fry, Sue Reidy, Sugu Pillay and Trevor Reeves. I stole this directly from Harvey Molloy, who has 2 excellent poems in this edition too!

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Last rant

I was talking to a friend the other day who said something like “Well I have a business so I guess I should vote National”. My response was that the main businesses that benefit from National are the those involved with the Business Roundtable and that’s about it. Even TBR are not impressed with proposed cuts to research and development. For anyone still trying to make up their minds here is an informative speech from Clayton Cosgrove, Minister for Small Business.

Rant Ends

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