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Ready to move

Well I’ve been using WordPress for exactly two years and now I’m ready for a change. I had been looking at all the lovely Typepad blogs out there and was seriously considering trying one when Mr SYW suggested a Drupal site. We are big fans of Open Source software so it seemed like the logical step. When you go over to look at the new site you’ll notice that there have been some changes but it looks almost exactly the same, that’s because all the whizz-bang stuff hides behind the scenes (like Mr SYW). So please come on over and have a look around, update your rss feeds and settle in.
I have some great vintage give-aways lined up for 2010 – including new ephemera scans along with new sewing and knitting patterns for all you crafters. For the readers why not join in my Book Club? We are starting with a new New Zealand novel – Somebody Loves Us All by Damien Wilkins.
Of course there will still be my ramblings as usual on writing, life and craft, no change there!

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I haven’t forgotten you, I’ve just been really busy – you know – writing a book and all that.

By the way I have finally loaded the darling little chapbook onto Etsy (here’s hoping it doesn’t find it’s way onto Regretsy!)

Thanks again to the most lovely Helen Rickerby, who has hand crafted each of these little works of art.

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