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I haven’t forgotten you, I’ve just been really busy – you know – writing a book and all that.

By the way I have finally loaded the darling little chapbook onto Etsy (here’s hoping it doesn’t find it’s way onto Regretsy!)

Thanks again to the most lovely Helen Rickerby, who has hand crafted each of these little works of art.


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Oh my! You MUST go to Anemone right now and play paper dolls! These girls are so clever!

I can’t decide which I like best and there is so much to choose from!

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of stash-busting / shed tidy-upping; paper packs for sale at Craft 2.0. Great for collage work or what ever you fancy!

Collaboration with little gem Shelly (thanks babe, you are a star!), have a look at Sweet William, they’ll also be loaded up there soonish.

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Home and away

Today’s Gem session was lino cut prints. I used an Art Deco rose motif for mine, Shelly; a Japanese floral motif and guest gem Kerry, a pasifica inspired motif.

Meanwhile, across the Tasman, long distance Gem Billie started work on the “Aunt Lily” project. I’m stoked!

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Finally I return to blogland, a little worse for wear post school hols but in one piece. I feel like I should write a “wot oi did in me skool holidays” post, we packed a lot in. One of the most satisfying things I did last week was to whip up some of this Autumn jelly, yum! It’s made with home grown crabapples, quinces and feijoas. It was really good to just focus on the kids and home life last week but I was also forced off-line by a bung ‘puter if the truth be told ;).

When the kids were smaller (preschool) I used to dread the holidays but every term it gets easier and the kids fight a little less and I go less insane. We even managed to do some paper craft together with Shelly and her kids for hours one day.

I’m stoking up the fire, I hope it keeps going while I’m in town. I’m off to hear Michael Palmer speak.

The legendary San Francisco poet Michael Palmer will be giving one public presentation on a brief visit to Wellington.

Michael Palmer is associated with a generation of poets which includes Robert Creeley, Robert Duncan, and Clark Coolidge – “poets working in the dark, and at the margins” – and with the L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poets. Even more, he is celebrated for his own expressive lyrics. His poems are among the most beautiful written in the last 50 years – both resisting meaning and finding new ways to bring it into being.

I’m feeling pretty good about my writing. I haven’t got much new but I’ve had a sort through last year’s stuff and I’ve got an idea for a thesis of sorts to tie it all together and kick start some new work. The best thing so far about having both kids at school is that I have found time to really read again.

ETA – Shall I post the recipe?

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