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Madonna (the other one)

This little mother and child decoration is made by Shelly, with an original illustration by her sister Paula. Both Shelly and I no longer have our Mamas and Christmas time is strange without them. So it’s nice to see a little tribute on the tree to motherly love.


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One of my new favourite things about Christmas are the stunning Christmas stockings that Billie made us all last year. The handwork is amazing and they are big enough for the grown-ups to get a bottle of something 😉

Vintage buttons from Button Mania and repo vintage fabric from Patchwork on Central Park (Melbourne).

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Nora’s Heart

I’ve been looking at our tree and thinking about how each ornament carries memories so I thought in the lead up to the big day I would talk about some of my favourites.

This one I call Nora’s Heart. I made it last year from a Christmas doily my 98yo Great Aunt stitched decades ago. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I look at it, she is more like a grandmother than an aunt and is a very special old lady. I like the way it has become something new and is now a product of two women crafting decades apart.

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So, now the list is public I thought I’d better keep you all up to date.

Item 1 –  I thrifted a wee book with quilting techniques.

Item 2 – the Frida’s Wardrobe inspiration images are growing.

Item 9 – I’m reading 😉

Item 19 – I’ve started working through a basic lesson book – fun!

Item 30 – Not going very well.

Item 38 – The Sheet Swap has been initiated and my veges are going to seed.

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to Christmas has begun! I have been using up all my words writing my novel for the last month so I have a story in pictures for you. My interwebbies have been down so I’ve got heaps done 😉

Rings for the fair amoung other things:

And a dress to wear for my poetry reading made from a pattern I got in the clothes swap group.

Simplicity 7978. Very Sylvia Plath meets Minnie Mouse 😉

I always need to be brave for readings so it was great to pick up this little reminder off the kitchen floor that morning:

I knew the fair would go well as I had just recieved this fortune:

and before all that I got my decoration swaps off:

After I’d sent them I came up with another idea that I liked much better – typical! Ah well, next year!

I made this for a friend as a little in joke. Haven’t told her yet, I wonder if she’ll guess it’s for her?

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Come and see

My new Etsy shop! I’ve just loaded up some vintage dress making patterns with plenty more to come from my big stash. I will focus on vintage craft patterns and haberdashery with the occasional piece of craft.

Everyone welcome 🙂

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Frida’s Wardrobe

People who know me well know I always have a few projects lined up and on the go. I’m quite excited about the latest idea so I thought I’d share it with you dear readers.

I’ve always loved the work and style of Frida Kahlo and a couple of recent moments of serendipity got me thinking. First I found this great site that showcases Frida Kahlo’s wardrobe and lets you dress up paper dolls in her clothes. Then Shelly told me she’d just got this book out from the library. And Helen sent me some clippings with some great Frida-esk clothes. Of course Shelly and I got talking about how cool it would be to dress like Frida then I thought – Hey! What about we have a new project for the new year?

Frida’s Wardrobe

We sew our own takes on Frida’s clothes.

Step 1. Collect images of Frida type clothes for an inspiration board.

Step 2. Find/swap/borrow patterns that reflect the shapes/feel of our favourite pieces.

Step 3. Adapt the patterns with our own twists.

Step 4. Sew them up.

Step 5. Dress up, flounce around and do a photo shoot.

Step 6. Blog the process – post the images on our blogs/flickr.

Who wants to join me? I see it as an ongoing project for next year, maybe we could all inspire each other and share patterns, ideas, a laugh… Oh yes and accessories too – necklaces, flowers, monkeys…

OMG! This link just in – Hat tip Art & My Life!

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