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40 b4 40 status report

Here’s an update on my Uber to do List.

9. Reading!!

13. Dancing!

29. Tomatoes okay but not amazing

30. Said No a couple of times 😉

32. Sent off some poems

33. Seen some great gigs

35. Got a blueberry bush (thank P!)

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Still here

The kids are back at school at last, well, they’ve been back a couple of weeks now but as you can see I’ve been slow to come back to cyberspace. One reason is of course I’m getting ready for varsity to start but the other is that Great Aunty Nora passed away. Long time readers will remember Nora and her uber stash of craft goodies, we moved her into a home in November 2007. Nora was 98, still cracking jokes and smoking cigarettes. She was a fine old dame and I’ll miss her.

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Madonna (the other one)

This little mother and child decoration is made by Shelly, with an original illustration by her sister Paula. Both Shelly and I no longer have our Mamas and Christmas time is strange without them. So it’s nice to see a little tribute on the tree to motherly love.


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Ancient Angel

This little angel comes from my childhood. She is quite tasteless, just the way I like her. This is shameless nostalgia.

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Having a birthday this time of year is a bit hard – everyone is so busy, so we were very happy that so many people could make it to the party.

Stellar decorated her own cake this year, it was a lovely day.

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One of my new favourite things about Christmas are the stunning Christmas stockings that Billie made us all last year. The handwork is amazing and they are big enough for the grown-ups to get a bottle of something 😉

Vintage buttons from Button Mania and repo vintage fabric from Patchwork on Central Park (Melbourne).

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Nora’s Heart

I’ve been looking at our tree and thinking about how each ornament carries memories so I thought in the lead up to the big day I would talk about some of my favourites.

This one I call Nora’s Heart. I made it last year from a Christmas doily my 98yo Great Aunt stitched decades ago. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy when I look at it, she is more like a grandmother than an aunt and is a very special old lady. I like the way it has become something new and is now a product of two women crafting decades apart.

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So, now the list is public I thought I’d better keep you all up to date.

Item 1 –  I thrifted a wee book with quilting techniques.

Item 2 – the Frida’s Wardrobe inspiration images are growing.

Item 9 – I’m reading 😉

Item 19 – I’ve started working through a basic lesson book – fun!

Item 30 – Not going very well.

Item 38 – The Sheet Swap has been initiated and my veges are going to seed.

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40 before 40

So, yes, I copied this off the other Helen

Because I like the idea of a two year plan rather than a one year plan here’s a list of 40 things I’d like to do before I turn 40.

  1. Sew a quilt
  2. Complete Frida’s Wardrobe project
  3. Finish my poetry manuscript
  4. Finish my YA manuscript
  5. Catch up on my WIP pile
  6. Do an overnight tramp again
  7. Go on a crafty girls road trip
  8. Transfer my vinyl to mp3
  9. Read at least one book a fortnight
  10. Swim once a week
  11. Stay overnight on Kapiti Island
  12. Take the kids to visit the European rellis
  13. Dance more
  14. Make mix-cds for my friends
  15. Ride a toboggan down a snowy hillside
  16. Collaborate with a singer
  17. Exhibit/curate a women’s book collaboration
  18. Get some topographical maps
  19. Teach myself to play the recorder again
  20. Go roller skating
  21. Practise speaking foreign languages
  22. Start a second poetry manuscript
  23. Start a second YA novel
  24. Start a fire without matches
  25. Write a play
  26. Walk around with headphones on just breathing
  27. Skinny dip again
  28. Go to a tropical island
  29. Grow some decent tomatoes
  30. Say NO more often
  31. Take a big risk
  32. Send off more poems
  33. Go to some live music
  34. Clear all the pruning rubbish off our section
  35. Plant blueberry bushes and a stone fruit tree
  36. Turn a dead zone in the garden into a social space
  37. Dust off my fire-poi (yes that is me swinging them in the pic)
  38. Start up a seed swap and a vintage sheet swatch swap
  39. Do more public performance
  40. Take the boogie board out again

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