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40 b4 40 status report

Here’s an update on my Uber to do List.

9. Reading!!

13. Dancing!

29. Tomatoes okay but not amazing

30. Said No a couple of times 😉

32. Sent off some poems

33. Seen some great gigs

35. Got a blueberry bush (thank P!)

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Still here

The kids are back at school at last, well, they’ve been back a couple of weeks now but as you can see I’ve been slow to come back to cyberspace. One reason is of course I’m getting ready for varsity to start but the other is that Great Aunty Nora passed away. Long time readers will remember Nora and her uber stash of craft goodies, we moved her into a home in November 2007. Nora was 98, still cracking jokes and smoking cigarettes. She was a fine old dame and I’ll miss her.

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Madonna (the other one)

This little mother and child decoration is made by Shelly, with an original illustration by her sister Paula. Both Shelly and I no longer have our Mamas and Christmas time is strange without them. So it’s nice to see a little tribute on the tree to motherly love.


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Ancient Angel

This little angel comes from my childhood. She is quite tasteless, just the way I like her. This is shameless nostalgia.

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Having a birthday this time of year is a bit hard – everyone is so busy, so we were very happy that so many people could make it to the party.

Stellar decorated her own cake this year, it was a lovely day.

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One of my new favourite things about Christmas are the stunning Christmas stockings that Billie made us all last year. The handwork is amazing and they are big enough for the grown-ups to get a bottle of something 😉

Vintage buttons from Button Mania and repo vintage fabric from Patchwork on Central Park (Melbourne).

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