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So, now the list is public I thought I’d better keep you all up to date.

Item 1 –  I thrifted a wee book with quilting techniques.

Item 2 – the Frida’s Wardrobe inspiration images are growing.

Item 9 – I’m reading 😉

Item 19 – I’ve started working through a basic lesson book – fun!

Item 30 – Not going very well.

Item 38 – The Sheet Swap has been initiated and my veges are going to seed.

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Friday Funday

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Am I getting old?

Or is this a timeless classic?

Happy Tuesday!

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Local Goodness

Two of my favourite Paekakariki musical experiences I have on heavy rotation are Stefan Wolf (I love his album Sailor) and Rosy Tin Teacaddy. Please go and check them out, they are both fantastic!

Capital Times described RTTC (and I have to agree) as

poetic folk lyrics, paired with serene yet melancholic vocals, … delicious.

Stefan’s music has been described as Multicultural Folk. This crazy home made video is easy listening funk and stars lots of local fab folks (including my my man with the scissors). Described in Ireland (where Stefan was based) as

the best locally released album I’ve ever reviewed.

Happy listening.

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Had to share

Okay, I’m probably the last person on earth to come across this amazing act but hey…

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