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One of the best bits of advice I’ve been given about being a mother is to apply the oxygen mask principle – ie to take care of yourself so you are able to then take care of others. The last few days in Melbourne has been exactly that. Well I guess actually I was being looked after rather than looking after myself ;).

I’m back feeling replenished and loving rather than worn out and resentfull.

Lots of cake:

Lots of craft:

And super thrifty shopping:

Oh and a couple of poems!

I’ll be back with more details but you can see the full pix on my flickr photostream.


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Well, I think they look like cells.

A new print run for the swap.

Hand printed with a potato stamp onto unbleached calico.

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My Felt shop is now officially open! These fabric covered brooches are my first items for sale. The fabric is vintage Swedish and kimono. Become a patron of the arts and buy NZ handmade 😉

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