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Frida’s Wardrobe

People who know me well know I always have a few projects lined up and on the go. I’m quite excited about the latest idea so I thought I’d share it with you dear readers.

I’ve always loved the work and style of Frida Kahlo and a couple of recent moments of serendipity got me thinking. First I found this great site that showcases Frida Kahlo’s wardrobe and lets you dress up paper dolls in her clothes. Then Shelly told me she’d just got this book out from the library. And Helen sent me some clippings with some great Frida-esk clothes. Of course Shelly and I got talking about how cool it would be to dress like Frida then I thought – Hey! What about we have a new project for the new year?

Frida’s Wardrobe

We sew our own takes on Frida’s clothes.

Step 1. Collect images of Frida type clothes for an inspiration board.

Step 2. Find/swap/borrow patterns that reflect the shapes/feel of our favourite pieces.

Step 3. Adapt the patterns with our own twists.

Step 4. Sew them up.

Step 5. Dress up, flounce around and do a photo shoot.

Step 6. Blog the process – post the images on our blogs/flickr.

Who wants to join me? I see it as an ongoing project for next year, maybe we could all inspire each other and share patterns, ideas, a laugh… Oh yes and accessories too – necklaces, flowers, monkeys…

OMG! This link just in – Hat tip Art & My Life!

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remember to go and visit Helen Squared!

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We put Sushi in the garden between two hydrangeas, a spot where it looked like a cat would like sitting, she had a 2 day wake with more visitors paying their respects than some people get. A bit silly I guess but it was good for me the kids.

The clothes swap on flickr has been going crazy, its so much fun. If you are in NZ you can join in.
It’s got me obsessing about my wardrobe. I like dressing up when I’m blue – and often that means crazy rather than “nice”. I’d love to flounce about most days looking like Frida Kahlo but I often just end up in the same old slouchy jeans and old man cardigans.

I’d love a peasant blouse but I think I’ve dreamed up a pattern in my head that I can sew then embroider. Here’s some wardrobe inspiration images:

The Blouse and white coat, especially! Skirts are cute too.

Embroidery ideas

Russian look.

Frida goes wild west in the 70s, cute!

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R.I.P Sushi

Sushi (behind) 1989-2008.
Goodbye little friend.

We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion yearold carbon and we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden… – Joni Mitchell.

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Well, its official, I’m off to Melbourne for Labour Weekend in October – a birthday pressie for me!

So, where should I go?

Being the A type kinda gal that I am I do have a detailed draft itinerary, but have I missed out anything VERY important? Tell me!!!

Melbourne 2008 – Helen & Billie’s big play date

Arrive Melbourne 5.30pm. Taxi to Billie’s in time for dinner 😉

ThursdayA day trip to Mentone
Carmels Fabrics
11 Como Parade West

Southern Opportunity Shop
51 Florence Street

Sunbeam Cakes
129 Mentone Parade

The Lolly Jar
50 Florence Street

Friday – CBD
Buttonmania & Japanese fabric place

R J Harvey and Co sewing supplies
3rd Floor
Nicholas Building
37 Swanston St (cnr Flinders Lane)

Koko Black Bourke St

Job Warehouse fabric emporium
56 Bourke Street

Tram to Brunswick Street – including:

Meet Me At Mikes
63 Brunswick Street

Patchwork on Central Park
148 Burke Rd East Malvern Vic 3145

Op shop down the road from Patchwork if open? or spotty.

Camberwell Rotary Sunday Market
Shopping Centre Carpark
Station Street
Sundays 6.30am to 12.30pm

Ikea, Richmond?


Check-in time 7.30am!!!!

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We had a few days of sunshine and I began to think that maybe summer would come this year after all, so I got all excited and started thinking about a summer wardrobe. Shelly and I have made the first item from the Japanese craft book. I’ll do a full post on that very soon but here’s a sneak preview. I changed the closure from ties to loop and button and added sleeves that were not in the original pattern. The button is from my vintage stash.

Generally speaking I’m very pleased with it but I’m unpicking the sleeves and re-doing them as they were a bit out, you can see it pinches up under the armpit, hmmm.

So then I finally got started on some tops with everyone’s favourite the 3835 Built by Wendy pattern that is very flattering for a bigger bust. This is my T-shirt replacement pattern. I hate buying T-shirts from chain stores and finally I though – doh, I don’t need them! I’m making two in plain white and one in the same fabric as the Japanese tunic – DESTASH!! They’ll go really well with my A-line skirt collection or with jeans or capri pants.

I’m half way through making some capri pants in black linen with a band of left-over Alexander Henry fabric at the bottom but they need adjusting and I’m grumpy with them for now so no pictures until they’re back in my good books.

I’ve also been making some little girl outfits., they’ll have their own post too. All from stash fabric and thrifted pillowcases.

To aid me in my Wardrobe Refashion goals sweet Helen has started a flickr clothes swap group for NZ residents, go have a look, I’m trawling through the goodies now!

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Ten years. TEN YEARS!! Flippin heck! How did we manage to do that? I guess the last 7 or 8 have kind of slipped away with the kids. We’ve had good times and bad. It took a lot of will to dig ourselves out of the bad. I think if we’ve made it this far through all the sleepless kiddy nights and financial hardships then (I hope) we can make it the rest of the way. Oh yeah, have you got that song in your head now?

I’ve booked us into a B&B for Saturday night and my SIL is having the kids for the night. I found the perfect picnic set if the weather holds.

Dan doesn’t quite understand why I get such a kick out of “old crap” like this but he still loves me and that’s all I really care about. Don’t you just love the his and hers thermos flasks? I love tea and he loves coffee. We are a bit chalk and cheese but it works. He pulls me down to earth and I pull him back up to the clouds and somewhere in the middle we’re flying.

Happy Anniversary baby!

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ding-dala-ling, dada ding-dala-ling, dada ding-ding!

Yes! Thrifting BONANZA!!

Dad’s work ( a laboratory) is closing down after more than 100 years, which is sad but also thrifter’s heaven, sigh…

Don’t worry Dad still has work 🙂

I’ll be posting pics as I manage to get through the booty. Here is the first piece, and old Imperial Typewriter from the 60’s. The writer in me always wanted an old typewriter and here she is. I can just imagine Sheryl in the typing pool bashing away on it. Ooo, maybe I’ll call her Sheryl Imperial, coooo.

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My friend Shelly and I have started a new project, we have began to try patterns from this sweet Japanese craft book. We traced the patterns and made our blocks then made a muslin, which was just as well as we did need to make some adjustments to the bust. Now Shelly has found some fabric and we’ll finish her one first. I’ve yet to decide on my fabric but I need to use from stash because I’ve sworn to try and not buy any new fabric! I’m thinking about using the calico muslin and doing a dye treatment and some blockprinting for fun.

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All wound up

Okay so I’ve finally joined Ravelry, I know, I know, I’m so far behind you all! Anyho my user name there is ShowYourWorkings (of course) so if you’re on Ravelry please friend me!! I need knitty friends to rescue me from my knit disasters ;). Also any handy hints for using the site or cool groups to join – I’m all ears.

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