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Go have a look

at Shelly’s new blog she has started with her sister Paula. They are such a clever pair!


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WR08 Project 5

They told me but I didn’t listen and now I’m suffering from “Second Sock Syndrome” (SSS).

Isn’t it lovely? It’s Opal self patterning yarn. If only it had a partner…must.pick.up.needles.

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Share with me

!, originally uploaded by keri.

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments on the new project I hope it gives you the inspiration and bravery to do something too.

Speaking of joining in, have you made a Japanese Knot Bag yet? Well then show us all your talents and post some pictures in the flickr group now!

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You’re invited

to come over and see my new project that I’ve started with Helen “Stripy Sock Studio” Lehndorf.

We decided to start a collaborative adventure: Two journals, in which we both write and collage etc then mail to each other and blog. Or as Helen L succinctly put it “Make art. Mail it to one another. Talk about it on the Internet.” All our lovely readers can come along for the ride and join in here.

And don’t worry we all feel like Helen says below…

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WR08 Project 4

Cowgirl skirt WIP for my daughter. I think I need to take more off the length of the jeans.

The jeans used to be my son’s but he puts holes in the knees of all his pants so my daughter can’t and wont wear his hand-me-downs (fair enough!), the other fabric is stash busting. I took a pattern off another skirt she has similar to this.

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It snowed here last night for the first time ever (I think). I must have jinxed the weather by posting spring flowers!

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Bring on the spring

It may be hailing with thunder and lightening outside but I’m focussing on these spring flowers, so there!

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