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I little light relief for Friday (are you enrolled yet?)


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One of the best bits of advice I’ve been given about being a mother is to apply the oxygen mask principle – ie to take care of yourself so you are able to then take care of others. The last few days in Melbourne has been exactly that. Well I guess actually I was being looked after rather than looking after myself ;).

I’m back feeling replenished and loving rather than worn out and resentfull.

Lots of cake:

Lots of craft:

And super thrifty shopping:

Oh and a couple of poems!

I’ll be back with more details but you can see the full pix on my flickr photostream.

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Off to the airport

I’m off on my big playdate with my dearest friend Billie today! We have a some great stuff planned and I’ll be posting soon with all the juicy info. I’ll be on the plane in a few hours but wanted to squeeze in a quick post before I go.

I have been very fortunate to have a fantastic bunch of women in my life and together they’ve managed to stretch my birthday out almost 3 weeks, heehee.

My little gems and friends threw my a suprise birthday party. I was well and truely suprised, in fact I was so stunned I cried and could barely speak all evening (usually they can’t shut me up).

Only true friends would dress up like this for my entertainment don’t you think? Heee! We even played pass the parcel and had to wear silly accesories – meet Edna and Deidre:


I got wonderful snail mail too.

Journal and map envelopes by Carmen, hankies and books from Helen, Ladies a Plate from Dan (very lovely!)

And yet more

Pencil case by the clever Shelly and thrifty goodies from Jess and Emma.

Don’t mean to brag but I’m just so touched by their kindness and there’s more to come in Melbourne, squeeeeeeee!!!!!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes from all my lovely readers too, your comments on all the posts really lift me up so thank you all!

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Levin – the scary province

With a population of 16,000, Levin is the largest town in the Horowhenua district. It’s nestled beneath the magnificent Tararua Ranges at the junction of State Highway One and 57. The town centre provides a wide range of shopping and dining experiences, and close by are a variety of factory shops connected to the clothing industry.

Ah, the scary little town…

Anyway, for my birthday Shelly and Carmen came on a Nana road trip with me to hunt for op-shop treasures and have a laugh. We stopped to take a picture of this classic provincial house and the net curtains twitched then a pitbull was set loose!

We found a few gems.

On the road

How do we get outa here?!!

(Pictures credit to Shelly)

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Back again

Well the school holidays are over, did you miss me?

We had a busy time. The older the kids get the more I can relax with them and enjoy their company. We had lots of visitors and had a few projects.

We made cordial

Recipe here.

I taught my neice how to sew a skirt.

We spring cleaned the dolls house and started renovations.

I weeded the garden, with the help of Pauline.

Turned 38.

Got a Nana basket for my birthday and clothes from the clothes swap.

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